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Zodiac Soundtracks is the brainchild of NYC musician/dj/astrology enthusiast Moist Paula Henderson.

A music lover since childhood, Paula made mixtapes from AM radio in the 70s, collected records and DJ’d radio shows in the 80s and continues to DJ vinyl to this day in NYC.  From making mixes on cassettes and burning CDs to the miracle of compiling playlists using the shared resources of the compendious music libraries of today’s streaming services, making a personalized mix for a special someone or a special occasion has always felt like a loving heartfelt gift to pass on.

The intersection of the symbolic languages of music and astrology becomes greater the deeper we delve. 


Moist Paula is a saxophonist who moved from Australia to NYC around the time of her 1st Saturn Return. Following her heart, her dream and her 9th house Mars, she has performed internationally and at home in New York with a dazzling array of musical acts for well over 20 years as well as leading her own instrumental rock band Moisturizer. 


She took her first astrology course in the year 2000 and has been an astrological enthusiast ever since.   

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