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Scary Transits

Much has been said by the astrologers about the current transit of Aries by Mars. Mars entered the sign of Aries, his astrological home base, last July. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, Mars is red hot. Both the planet and the sign are associated with impulsiveness, explosiveness, passion, heat, combustibility, combat, competitiveness and an urgent need for action. Together and separately, these themes and qualities, along with many others of a similar ilk (including war and warriors), are highlighted by this transit in which the energies ascribed to both the planet and the sign are heated up and intensified. While Mars ordinarily spends around two months in each sign of the Zodiac during it’s orbit around the Sun, due to a retrograde period which began September 9, the planet will wander whence it came, appearing to retrace its path in the sky, reactivating contacts it made with other planets and points during its forward motion, most notably Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, to which Mars makes consecutive tense aspects respectively, only to retrace the path and the aspects a third time after turning direct on November 13, not leaving the sign of Aries until January. Astrologically, this is called a dramatic sky, and that would be putting it mildly.

I am not predicting anything here, rather I’ve compiled a Scary Transits Zodiac Soundtrack with some music which is evocative of the atmosphere expected in the coming months by many inspiring astrologers worldwide. Mars and Saturn are regarded by classical astrologers as “malefic” planets, embodying challenging and unfortunate energies; the later discovered Pluto has also been ascribed the foreboding side of life. Any and all of the three can supply us with reasons to be fearful. Indeed, the conjunction in the sky of Pluto and Saturn in January 2020 set the tone for what has been a universally difficult year. In modern astrology, we are encouraged to exercise our free will to harness the intensity of these planets and transmute the energy in ways that might spare us a little despair, or even better, benefit us, our fellow humans and the planet. Indeed, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said in her iconic heartfelt speech on the night of Justice Roth Bader Ginsberg’s passing that now is a time to take fear and use it as fuel. She said that people often commented on her courage, but that in fact everything she has accomplished (which is a lot) was a result of her fear inciting her take action. Melvin Van Peebles said “Trouble is just Opportunity in work clothes”. These ideas will in some cases seem like luxurious platitudes, but if you believe in the kinds of energetic realms to which I refer, find constructive ways to let off steam in the days ahead. Physical exercise (such as dancing to Zodiac Soundtracks) is a good idea most of the time, but particularly during the Scary Mars in Aries transits. Keep your burning desires simmering on the back burner to be brought back into play at a more opportune moment. Mind your responsibilities (Saturn); envision a total transformation (Pluto) of your life in which the world can be a better place than it was under the old systems (Saturn) which are undergoing death and rebirth (Pluto). Be on the lookout for opportunities now that Jupiter has turned direct and is pulling away from the heavy Capricorn scenario moving onward towards Aquarius (could it finally be the dawning of the Age?) and of course, optimistically have faith (Jupiter) that the days ahead will be less scary and that everyone can know what how it feels to be free.

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