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Taurus Time 2020

The idea to make Zodiac Soundtracks came to me early this year as a fun way to share music and practice thinking about astrology. The more I did the latter, the more the musical wonderland in which I dwell every day took on yet another new dimension. Songs I'd heard and played hundreds and thousands of times as well as those I encountered for the first time started to suggest qualities to me attributable to the planets and signs and houses of the Zodiac as framed by the tenets of astrology. For example, Stubborn Kind of Fellow by Marvin Gaye seemed to take on a distinctly Taurean flavor, which is why it was an obvious selection for me to include in the Taurus Time 2020

Zodiac Soundtrack.

As the sun moves into Taurus, we in the northern hemisphere settle properly in to spring. Even though it sometimes snows in April, May flowers are already assembling and will soon be stretching their petals towards the sun far and wide, awakening our senses of sight and smell as they burst forth from the earth, should we be lucky enough to venture outside and walk amongst them.

I feel safe in saying that for most of us this has been the most stressful and bewildering year of a lifetime. Astrologers everywhere are abuzz expounding frameworks to help contextualize the historic moment in which we find ourselves. I personally am finding solace in this and want to share a sentiment that has been echoed by the many great and fascinating astrologers whose presentations I've been watching and reading during my days in Corona induced isolation, which is that as the sun moves in to Taurus we will begin to experience some relief. For most of us, the order to shelter in place and the other difficult aspects of life in the time of Corona began while the sun was in Pisces - there was so much confusion and grief regarding our lives as we'd known them coming to an end in one way or another, even though at the time it seemed they were just being put on hold for 2 weeks. By the time the sun moved in to Aries on the Vernal Equinox people had started to call themselves back in to action, innovating new ways to work, socialize and carry on. Many of us are now in our 2nd month of staying home. The frantic energy of Aries will in a general sense subside now and become somewhat stable, one of the hallmark qualities of Taurus.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, is about beauty, the senses and sensuality, enjoyment of delicious food, worldly goods and the material world, money, possessiveness, perseverance, patience, gardens, endurance, steadfastness, stubbornness and the neck. It is a fixed earth sign and the first earth sign we visit in the astrological year. No matter what you are going through this Taurus season, I hope you are in a position to have your spirits lifted by music and will enjoy this Taurus Time 2020 Soundtrack I compiled to reflect these themes.

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