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A Super New Moon in Libra and a New Album from Resistance Revival Chorus

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The Zodiac Soundtrack for today's New Moon in Libra is a departure from my usual curated music for the astrology in that it consists of just one full album, "This Joy" by Resistance Revival Chorus, released at midnight today, October 16, 2020.

While New Moons are generally thought of as great moments for initiating new beginnings, this particular New Moon in Libra is challenged by an opposition to Mars retrograde in Aries and tense squares to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn respectively. These aspects, collectively referred to as a Cardinal T-Square, definitely indicate the start of something big, but not necessarily easy and breezy. Add our current Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio to the mix and it could seem at first glance that this New Moon might be a good day to hide under the covers waiting for a brighter day -- indeed, in NYC where most of us in Resistance Revival Chorus live, the rain has been pouring relentlessly all day.

HOWEVER: First, one of the widely accepted beliefs regarding Mercury Retrograde, the most famous of astrological transits which elicits moans and groans from even the least astrologically interested, is that these three week periods which arise thrice a year are great for activities described by words beginning with the prefix "re". So today we (I keep saying "we" because I'm honored to be one of the 70 womxn identifying singers in Resistance Revival Chorus) are REleasing the album we REcorded in Summer of 2019, and that we believe Joy is an act of REsistance, drawing upon the inspirational words of poet Toi Derricote.

REsistance, another "re" word" brings into play another aspect of the chart of the album, pictured below. which is the 90 degree angle formed by the Sun and Moon in Libra (together forming the NEW Moon), to Saturn the planet which represents the establishment and is associated with government, rules, constriction and many other difficult conditions against which one or many united might feel the need to REsist.

In fact the Resistance Revival Chorus was formed in 2017, when 6 months after the historic Women's March on Washington and around the world in which millions marched in the streets to protest what was just the beginning of a four year period which for so many has been tragic and heartbreaking and a source of incessant outrage, to ease the fatigue and uplift the spirits of a community of relentless female identifying activists uniting in the joyous act of song.

Resistance Revival Chorus began in the streets of New York City and instantly attracted the interest of thousands of weary New Yorkers who would encounter our impromptu musical outbursts. The Chorus grew as dozens of musicians and activists joined, supporting each other in sisterhood and mentoring, depending on where their expertise lay at the intersection of music and activism.

With regards to Sisterhood, I want to mention that on the chart of this New Moon in Libra, Venus, the ruler of Libra, the sign of peace and harmony, is in the 3rd house, the planet of siblings. Have you ever heard 70 sisters harmonizing? Please play your Zodiac Soundtrack LOUD.

Also, the Cancer Ascendant adds another stamp of feminine energy to the natal chart of This Joy, which was entirely produced and engineered by women and released on Ani DiFranco's proto-feminist label Righteous Babe Records.

That Mars in Aries is in the 10th house of our album's chart, along with revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. We will continue to fight and march steadfastly into the Revolution and it will be televised and streaming on all platforms.

Also launched on todays New Moon is one of the several amazing singles from the album, I Hope, an anthem penned and led by Chorus member Meah Pace.

It is my hope that as Jupiter and Saturn reach for the Aquarian light at the end of the Capricorn tunnel, there will be a new sense of freedom for all of us after what has been called the most difficult and yet transformational year ever by people of all ages.

I hope that you will join me in celebrating the release of this album and make it your Zodiac Soundtrack for the dawning of the new era.

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