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Inner World Overdrive - Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, Again

Do you remember the Spring of 2022, or the Autumnal days of March and April, if you’re in the southern hemisphere? If you were to make believe for a minute that your recollections from those days were scenes from a dream, you may find yourself revisiting a recurring dream nowadays, or experiencing a sense of deja vu.

Astrologically what we are experiencing as I write, in November 2022, is the return of retrograde Planet Jupiter into one of its two traditional headquarters, the Sign of Pisces. Pisces is one of the Zodiac signs which most modern astrologers have agreed can be the shared dominion of two planets – the traditional ruler, in this case Jupiter, and the modern ruler, Neptune, one of the more recently discovered “outer” planets. After Neptune was discovered in 1846, it came to pass that the mysterious newcomer should be assigned co-rulership of Pisces, which it has been transiting since April, 2011. Neptune spends an average 13.5 years in each zodiac sign and was last in the sign of Pisces from 1847-1862, right after its discovery. Jupiter, which spends approximately 1 year in each sign, last cohabited with its fellow Piscean ruler in 1856.

Perhaps it's difficult to imagine how life may have felt then, but the wonder of imagination is that it’s actually unlimited. So many times I’ve checked myself when starting a statement with “I can’t imagine …” because, of course I can imagine . Anyone can imagine anything, which is why it’s imaginary. One could piece together a story set in any period based on all the folklore and history and interpretations of stories handed down through the years and keep it as far from or near to the “facts” as one pleased … anything goes in Imaginationland.

So what we as astrologers imagine is that when Jupiter and Neptune conjoin in the sign of Pisces, everything Piscean is on overdrive. By nature, Jupiter is deemed to magnify and expand everything. Neptune is associated with boundlessness and is symbolized by oceans, the collective unconscious, dreams and ethereal realms. Pisces rules our inner world, the spirit world, psychic vibrations. Jupiter is connected to our faith and philosophies, and an attraction to that which is beyond the horizon, Neptune is the great unknown and the worlds beyond “the veil”. The conjunction of Jupiter and Netpune in Pisces blends all these overlapping symbols into a swirling, poetic haze which may find us diving into our inner world, reaching for altered states and even oblivion, escaping the harsh realities of the ever changing face of everyday life to which we may feel a heightened sensitivity at this time. As astrology enthusiasts, by building an expansive vocabulary of the symbols associated with each Zodiac sign, planet and astrological house – Pisces and Neptune belong to the 12th house – we become increasingly able to free associate and create meaningful understanding to our liking of the combined energies which light up at various times of the planetary cycles.

Every astrological symbol carries multifarious meanings along a positive/negative polarity. In addition to the symbols above which are associated with Jupiter, Neptune, Pisces and the 12th House, we can call in mystery and the mystical, clouds, fog, mist, absence of clarity, addiction to drugs and alcohol, the internet & TV, idealism, illusion and allusion, confusion and deception, high hopes and magical opportunities,disappointment and loss, beliefs, generosity, hunches and intuition, poetry and instrumental music, the meaning of which must be sought between lines and is always subjective. Romance and the greater Agape love of the divine, the universe and everything in it. Compassion and empathy, prayer and meditation. Transcendence and synchronicity.

Jupiter will remain in the sign of Pisces with Neptune until December 20, moving retrograde until November 23, when it turns direct and spends the next four weeks in the last, supercharged degrees of Pisces. Any of the themes suggested above may emerge at this time, particularly on an individual level in the part of one’s chart where the late degrees of Pisces can be found. If you don’t already know and you have an accurate birth time, you can get a free natal chart at or book a quick Power Trio + 1 reading with me and I can explain it to you. Part of the reason I’m very interested in this confluence of Piscean energy is because of the way it shows up in my own chart. If you have the Sun or other planets or power points in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius, these energies may be more strongly felt.

It’s my hope and deep feeling (and deep feelings are the domain of the mutable water sign Pisces), that this may be the long awaited moment at which a wave of imaginative creativity wells up and engulfs our ever fusing cultures. Here’s a drop in the ocean from me in the form of a Zodiac Soundtrack for Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. , all instrumental music for you to interpret as you will.

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