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Virgos on 🎷

Virgo season is here, the time of year governed by the Zodiac sign which in the Northern Hemisphere finds us winding down the Summertime and for those in the Southern Hemisphere heralds the promise of Spring.

People with the Sun in the sign of Virgo (Happy Solar Return to You!) are known for their precision, organizational skills, attention to detail and perfectionism; the rest of us may at times have felt the scrutiny of a Virgo gaze zooming in on our impurities and flaws. The sign of Virgo is symbolized by a woman holding a sheaf of wheat and indeed the process of sorting and sifting grains further symbolizes an area of life presided over by the sign of Virgo in each of our individual natal charts. (If you don't know whether or not you have Virgo planets, and either way where Virgo shows up in your chart, consider joining me for a ChartChat.)

The Virgo spic and span stereotype can be intimidating; most of us are aware that we are far from perfect and will never in real life meet the high standards set by our Virgo friends & loved ones and other Virgo characters in our lives. If you've ever felt that way about a Virgo you know, take heart in the fact that Virgos are often just as critical of themselves as they are of anyone else.

As a sax player, I've come into contact with many Virgos and even though I have 3 planets and my midheaven in Virgo, I often feel I'm sent to try my Virgo bandmates (and them me). One great advantage for any saxophone player is the tendency to practice. Virgo governs practice and process and it's been believed far and wide for millennia that practice makes perfect. So maybe the reason there are so many great Virgo sax players is because practice comes easily to them.

I made a Zodiac Soundtrack of tracks by Virgos on Sax -- I'm inspired by each of these saxophone players to try harder to reach perfection and to practice more. Of course there are great saxophone players born under every sign of the Zodiac, but I thought Virgo season was the perfect time to start a spreadsheet sorting sax players by sign and making Zodiac Sax compilations for all the signs -- stay tuned 🎷.

In the meantime, I hope the beautiful instrumental music of these esteemed Virgo sax players, some of whom are my peers, is perfectly to your liking as Summer winds down or you're detecting the early hints of Spring in the air.

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