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Aries Overdrive

As the waning moon winds down this month's cycle leading up to the New Moon in Aries on April 11, there's already plenty of action in Aries -- with the Sun, Venus, Mercury and also Chiron vigorously rolling through the sign of spontaneous combustibility, we are in full Aries tilt -- we meaning you, me, myself, I, us respectively as individuals.

There may be an urgent need for immediacy; impatience is in the air as Mercury gives voice to ideas as fast and furiously as they pop in our heads, not stopping to consider whether we may end up butting heads.

Aries Venus may find you falling head over heels in love, and out just as quickly. The time to please yourself is now.

And the Sun in Aries says assert yourself, your selfie, selfish not (necessarily) a dirty word, ego is not a dirty word.

This is a time for physical movement and with that I have hopefully not kept you more than one hot minute with these thoughts. I hope you listen to this Aries Overdrive Zodiac Soundtrack whilst in motion, but be careful out there; this is not a time for reckless riding!

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