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Eclipse Season is Open with a Full Beaver Moon in Gemini

The wee hours of the morning in NYC this November 30, 2020 will be illuminated by an intense Full Moon in Gemini. Known as the Beaver Moon by Indigenous North Americans, the November Full Moon heralds the onset of the cold weather which drives beavers into their lodges and the time of the season when traditionally these toothy furry creatures were hunted for their pelts to provide warmth for those who might otherwise freeze to death.

If that imagery is not dramatic enough for your tastes, turn your mind to the spectacular opening of eclipse season and enjoy listening to the Zodiac Soundtrack for Eclipse Season. Since ancient times, eclipse cycles have marked time for us earthlings, impacting us visually and energetically. In music alone they've inspired musicians from around the world in every genre imaginable across many generations. Notably, all the odes to eclipses I've found have been very intense. Eclipses and Easy Listening do not seem to go hand in hand.

Eclipse season comes but twice a year and eclipses come in pairs, although sometimes, such as this past summer, there is a set of three. They coincide with our major lunations, the New and Full Moon phases in a transit which closely aspects the points in space known as the Lunar Nodes, north and south respectively.

In astrology, the meeting of the Moon and Sun with these significant points in space which mark the intersection of the Moon's orbit around earth with the apparent ellipsis of the Sun (in that from our point of view on earth, the Sun appears to be likewise orbiting earth -- this illusion is caused by the revolution of Earth on its axis, the visual outcome of which is sunset, sunrise and the Sun's apparent movement through the sky throughout the day) is said to herald highly charged moments in time. In as much as he physical nature of the lunar eclipse involves the earth's shadow moving across and obstructing the light of the moon, symbolically this can play out in some form of illumination and an emphasis on that which is shadowed. Since this Lunar Eclipse takes place on the Full Moon in the sign of Gemini, information may at this time come to light which could change the course of one's life, for example. Likewise, if you consider the way the word "eclipse" is used in language -- thinking about language, is, after all, quite apropos for a Gemini transit -- we speak of a new development concealing that which came before, thus eclipsing it. This is neither a negative or positive implication, but there may be a sense of redundancy to some part of our lives as a new chapter is ushered in, or simply a change of focus.

The first of our two eclipses for this season is a Lunar Eclipse involving the North Node (of the moon). Put plainly, there is a suggestion that this Eclipse will trigger something to do with the destiny toward which each of us is respectively moving.

Eclipses are part of various greater cycles, two of which are 19 years and 18 years. If you are old enough, cast your mind back to 2001 and 2002 and reflect upon whether something happened at that time which turned out to be the beginning of a new chapter (even though you probably didn't realize it at the time).

With this awareness, pay attention to events as they unfold in the two weeks between this Full Moon in Gemini on November 30 and the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14, which is when we will experience the Solar Eclipse transiting the South Node. According to the ancients, the period between eclipses represents a portal between our earthly realm and magical otherworldly realms. Themes associated with Gemini and Sagittarius at play may very well contain the seeds of your future; a conversation, a lesson you may take, a shift in your thoughts and/or beliefs ... this is said to be a time for life changing events and encounters, a great time to attach a ton of meaning to everything! We are after all, in Sagittarius season, a time for excess, abundance, generosity, optimism and good fortune.

These eclipses are in air and fire signs respectively and depending on where they fall in your individual chart, the impact is more likely to be more intellectual than emotional, perhaps involving our opinions and belief systems.

I wish you all a safe eclipse season in which you receive auspicious developments, and I hope that you'll enjoy listening to all the aptly intense music I selected for this month's Zodiac Soundtrack.

Love and Starlight,



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