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Ginny's Zodiac Soundtrack



Personal Planets by Sign

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars indicate your essential personality and way of doing things according to sign placement. 

Sun in Aquarius in the Seventh House 

Your Song:  Mary Lou Williams - Aquarius

I chose this instrumental from Mary Lou Williams’ Zodiac Suite, composed and recorded in 1945.  An early example of a Personalized Zodiac Soundtrack, the Suite was composed by Williams who, having read a book about astrology, decided to compose each of the 12 songs for a friend of hers, including Billie Holliday, Art Tatum and Ben Webster, whose characteristics she recognized learning about each astrological sign.  

Moon in Aquarius in the Seventh House 

Your Song:  The Barkays - With A Little Help From My Friends

With the moon, which governs your emotional life and your subconscious, in the sign of Aquarius, your emotions are directly connected to your values of personal freedom and freedom for all, novelty, friendship and collectives of people.  Your Moon is conjunct your Sun, which means that you were born on a New Moon when the Sun and Moon were closely aligned in the Night Sky.  As the Sun in Astrology represents your essential and rational self and the Moon represents your feeling self, this conjunction instils a balance between these aspects of your personality.  There is little conflict between your actions and feelings.  You are very clear about what you want and need, emotionally and otherwise.  A great deal of your emotional life will concern your relationships with your friends.  You form strong, long standing friendships and elevate the importance of those friendships to equal family and love relationship.  

Mercury in Aquarius in the Sixth House

Your Song: Fontella Bass - Talking About Freedom

Mercury rules your intellect and the way you communicate.  Like your Sun, Moon and Mars, Mercury was transiting the sign of Aquarius on the day of your birth, and again the themes of Freedom, Advancement, The Human Collective and the greater good thereof emerge.  The Sixth House governs your every day life and your work.  These themes will be a consistent part of your day to day life regardless of the nature of your work.  You will feel compelled to stand up for your own rights and for those of your fellows in the event they may not be able to do so.  You will be committed to fight for fairness and equality wherever you see inequity.  

Venus in Aries in the Eighth House 

Your Song: Doris Troy - Just One Look

In love and your sensibilities, you are seeking instant attraction, love at first sight.  For you, attraction to a lover is rarely something which develops over time and getting to know someone; once you see someone (or something when it comes to shopping) who looks good to you, your heart will go after it.  Your desires burn hot and are always just below the surface of your conscious mind, even when you’re hard at work.  You require and choose lovers who are sexually “hot” and can infuse you with energy.  You will quickly lose interest in a lover who doesn’t deliver this quality, because with your many planets in Aquarius you will never lack friends and companionship.  You are quite materialistic and prone to falling in love with “stuff” and surrounding yourself with beautiful things in your home.  These may include family heirlooms or be funded by inheritance or family money.    In a sense, you may be prone to feelings of conquest when it comes to seeing people and objects you desire and succeeding in acquiring them.  

Mars in Aquarius in the Sixth House 

Your Song:  Wilbert Harrison - Let’s Work Together 

Mars in your chart  indicates how you get what you need and want in life. Mars in Aquarius falls in the Sixth House, the house which represents your day to day work life. With Mars in Aquarius you resent authority and prefer to work by your own self innovated rules, which may seem unconventional to others.  You are motivated for your work to benefit the greater good of society first and your tireless efforts in this regard will overflow beneficially to you personally.  You have great energy for work and may be frustrated by others whose work ethic seems less than yours; in fact that will be most people - learn how to work with them as they will have other qualities to bring to the table which will make for great teamwork (as long as you’re the boss). Mars also rules your passions — you will bring these Aquarian themes in to your love life and also be passionate about your work.  Your enthusiasm enables you to rally those around you to work together for the outcomes you desire.

Societal and Outer Planets 

House placement is important in considering  the effect these planets have on your relationship to society and the course your life may take, as these slower moving planets fall in the same sign for all people in your age group in the case of Jupiter and Saturn and your generation in the case of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  The astrological houses, the numbered pie slice shapes on the chart, represent departments of life, which can be amplified during your lifetime when planets pass through them. In your natal chart the planets which live in the houses are determined by your ascendant or rising sign, which is the degree of the zodiac which was ascending in the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth in your homeland. 

Jupiter in Taurus in the Tenth House

Your song: Joan Armatrading - I’m Lucky

With Jupiter in Taurus in the Tenth House, you have had since childhood a deep personal need to accomplish something important in the world.  Your ambition and charisma assure your success in the career you choose, which will almost certainly be in a field which advances the greater good of your community.  You will always want your life to be a reflection of noble values - fairness, honesty and justice.  Material and emotional security are important to you, in fact necessary for you to function optimally.  Meanwhile, you accustom yourself to a luxurious lifestyle and find a way to integrate it with your egalitarian values.  Jupiter on the cusp of your 10th House could be considered the luckiest of all planetary placements.  You are generally lucky and therefore optimistic.  

Saturn in Leo in the Twelfth House

Your Song: Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Saturn

This placement of Saturn in Leo in your twelfth house indicates feelings of constriction and challenge lurking beneath the surface of the Ginny face the world sees.  Here you will need to learn to overcome self doubt and anxiety and how to cope with feelings of a malaise when outwardly everything may be going swimmingly.  Undertaking a structured spiritual regime is one way of coping with this uncomfortable part of the psyche.  Also working to alleviate the difficulties faced by those institutionalized in prisons or hospitals may help you find relief through working on behalf of others, although this is a more indirect approach than facing your inner feelings of fear and limitation directly.  Saturn appears in every person’s natal chart and represents an area of challenge for each of us.  Over a life time we are given the opportunity to use the lessons of Saturn for personal growth.  Famously, nowadays, Saturn takes 27-29 years to return to its position at the time of your birth.  If you felt monumental and unexpected change around the time of your 28th birthday, you were feeling the power of Saturn.  Taking that power into consideration and learning how to work with it can help you find the positive effects it can bestow on your life.  Saturn represents discipline, which as we all know can help us overcome difficulties.   

Uranus in Scorpio in the Third House 

Your Song: Remi Kabaka - Brothers & Sisters

Uranus is the planet which represents freedom, innovation and the greater good of the human race, and is the ruling planet of Aquarius, which amplifies its significance in your chart. You are an original thinker and an idealist.  Your calling and career may find you working in a field which serves humanity in ways nobody has thought of before.  You are attracted to the revolutionary thinkers of history and aspire to make a difference in the way that those before you have.  The Third House also governs sisters and brothers.  In addition to having intense relationships with your birth siblings, you are a believer in the brotherhood/sisterhood of man/woman and strive to foster this belief in others.  

Neptune in Sagittarius in the Fourth House

Your Song: Miles Davis - Sanctuary

It is important to you to create a sanctuary for yourself in the home where you are free to dream uninterrupted.  You have mystical abilities which you may deny as they do not comply with your belief system - these may have been inherited from your mother.  You and she have an undeniable ability to perceive each others feelings outside of the “normal” channels of communication.  As you grow older you should realize that your perfect inner sanctum is within you and can be created by you to accompany you anywhere.  It is necessary for you to cultivate and spend time in this space in order for you to generate and concretize all your revolutionary ideas which will benefit humanity at large.  

Pluto in Libra in the Second House

Your Song: Young-Holt Unlimited - Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy

You have a great sense of the transformational power of money and you also have the luxury of wielding it as a tool.  Nevertheless, the idealist in you will always be searching for the things that money cannot buy.  Your life will revisit the theme of a balancing act between altruism and materialism.  Your challenge will be to work for the good of humanity while still enjoying an opulent lifestyle without feeling or appearing to be overly attached to material riches.  For the most part you will achieve this balance, because your unselfish efforts, kindness and generosity will be such that you needn’t feel guilty about the luxuries you enjoy and won’t endure criticism from others — in fact, in the event that you do, you won’t care because you know you have constantly gone the extra mile for those less fortunate than yourself, without, of course, handing over your entire fortune.  You will always strive to use your position to transform society where possible.  

Ascendant - Leo is your Rising Sign

Your Song: Prince - You Got The Look

Your rising sign (ascendant) indicates the zodiac sign which was on the eastern horizon at the moment and in the location of your birth and determines all your house placements.  It provides the framework that encloses all your personal, societal and outer planets which determine the essence of your personality and your path and tendencies in life.  It also governs your appearance and the persona you present to the outside world.  With Leo as your ascendant you embody many of the qualities attributed in folklore to The Lion — you are a leader and will often signify this position by sporting a distinctive, iconic hairdo.  The heavenly body which rules Leo is the Sun and your naturally sunny disposition is an indicator of your Leo Ascendant.  You smile frequently and sincerely and this characteristic adds to your charismatic attractiveness. 

Overview of Your Chart 

Your Song: The 5th Dimension - Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In

A glimpse at your natal chart indicates that you are a noble, freedom loving individual with a sunny disposition which attracts others like moth to a flame.  You are driven by a deep personal desire to help the human race see a better day; social justice and progress are of the greatest importance to you and you will create a career for yourself which will help you lead the accomplishment of these goals you envision for the collective.  With Leo Rising, you are a conduit for metaphysical sunlight and possess the power to make the world a brighter place wherever you go.  Let The Sunshine In!  

Your Zodiac Soundtrack is designed to be enjoyed by listening to the songs in order or on

shuffle mode. I recommend you to turn the volume UP and hope you have fun with it!

If you’re a Spotify user, please note that once the playlist is completely played, the Spotify algorithm will kick in and continue playing music which, while it may tie in, I did not select based on your chart.

With Love & Starlight,


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