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There's a Blue Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus on Halloween

Once in a Blue Moon, we have two Full Moons in one month. In fact the unusual appearance of the 2nd Full Moon in a calendar month is exactly what makes it blue — it isn’t blue in appearance, but the blueness of this 2nd Full Moon is metaphorical, referring to the irregularity of the occurrence.

Once in an even bluer moon, the Blue Full Moon Conjoins Uranus, the planet associated by astrologers with sudden, unpredictable developments, rebellion, the need for independence and freedom and flashes of insight, to name just a few dynamic characteristics, in the earthy sign of Taurus.

And once int he bluest moon of all, the Blue Full Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus falls on Halloween, that spookiest of holidays whose origins in the Celtic Samhain ceremony portend to the thinning of the veil between life here on earth and the spirit realm beyond.

That said, don’t be surprised if your October ends with an October surprise. Every astrologer I follow has been predicting the unpredictable to take place on this occasion, and the fun thing about unpredictability is … you can’t guess what shape or form it might take. It’s therefore pointless to attempt to prepare yourself, and if I had my druthers, we’d all get a very pleasant surprise. There have been some hints in the astro forecasting scene that since the Full Moon and Uranus are on this occasion in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, who has just transited into her second home of Libra where she is happily moving towards retrograde Mercury, surprises could come in the department of one’s love life, perhaps involving the unexpected reappearance of an ex. I shy away from specific predictions, because the symbolism could play out in any number of ways, particularly depending on the condition of Taurus and the planets concerned in one’s natal chart.

In any case Blue Moons even in their most regular state have inspired countless songsmiths through the ages. There are enough versions of the 1934 Rodgers & Hart composition named for the rare lunar phenomenon to fill at least two Zodiac Soundtracks — I’ve just included two in our current Zodiac Soundtrack — the doo wop hit by The Marcels, which took the world by storm in 1961, and an instrumental light orchestral version by Bert Kaempfert. Other than those, there were more than enough odes to moons of blue to include in my Zodiac Soundtrack for tonight’s lunation, from artists including Dolly Parton, Beck, Big Star, Steve Wonder and many more. I hope you’ll join me in listening to this mostly mellow magical music under the light of tonight’s blue moon and that it eases you through the intensity of this transit.

Happy Halloween!

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