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Taurus Time With A Twist

Even as I write under the light of the waxing gibbous moon in Libra which promises an intense and visceral Full Super Moon in Scorpio tomorrow, I'm listening to the Zodiac Soundtrack for Taurus Time With A Twist focusing on nothing but the fact that today Mercury and Venus met in a sapiosexual lovers' embrace, the afterglow of their respective conjunctions with Uranus still smoldering and keeping things ... surprising, superfreaky, even ... as the Sun continues to meander through the sign of Taurus in a state of utter rushlessness. The luxury I feel dawdling in the cool breezes of early spring, stopping to smell the roses and savoring every mouthful of lazy lunches with loved ones is lavish. I'm enjoying for the first time in over a year dressing up and putting on make up, perfume and jewelry to step out.

Much has and will continue to be said about Saturn and Uranus squaring off in Aquarius and Taurus respectively, whether this ongoing transit could be difficult or offer an opportunity to revel in discipline and self control, but I'm stubbornly taking this time to take my time and get mine in the Taurus mansion and enjoy it, even as I attempt to be prepared for the unexpected and welcome wildcards, courtesy of Uranus. This is a stranger springtime than any I've known, all the familiar things feel different and a little sci-fi and psychedelic after a year of living in a pandemic. In NYC for example, we are grazing on the grass this Uranian Taurus season in full view of the cops, which could be one welcome example of how the Saturn square can play out.

And while those Saturn Uranus squares will be making themselves more or less felt well in to 2022, I like to think, regarding Uranus transits, of all the best amazing surprises beyond my wildest dreams I've ever had, which came out of the blue.

I hope your Scorpio Full Moon is intense in the best way and your Uranus shocks are the best kind and that you have the luxury of lazing around and opening up your senses this Taurus Time With A Twist.

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