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Astrological New Year's Eve

As this Astrological year draws to a close, more than ever it feels like the end of an era, that once this passes nothing will ever be the same again.  As the Sun winds down its transit of Pisces we are in the realm of the dark night of the soul where our deepest feelings dwell and lurk.  And while every year of the calendar and of the zodiac comes to a close with a rush of feelings, an outpouring of money and energy, an exaggerated appetite for nourishment and pleasure, this one is cloaked in the sobriety of Saturn locked in a heavy tryst with Pluto in Capricorn.  We find ourselves on the Eve of the heaviest New Years Eve we’ve ever known.The pressure mounts and like a percolator letting off steam Mars blazes through Capricorn towards his ingress in Aquarius as we usher in the New Astrological year in fiery Aries.  Expect Explosiveness. And in the meantime plumb your deepest feelings in honor of the late Pisces season; spend as much time dreaming, meditating and getting lost in music as possible.

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