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New Moon In Gemini + Venus & Mercury Also in Gemini

Updated: May 23, 2020

The New Moon in Gemini on May 22, 2020 may be the most exciting of the year for me; I was born on a Gemini New Moon and the sun is now in "my" sign; likewise the Moon, and also, as above stated, Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Gemini and likewise in my natal chart. Personally, I'm all a flutter about all this Gemini activity and I'm taking this as an indication that I should be celebrating quadruply all month long - if only I weren't isolating on account of the 2020 Pandemic of a lifetime.

Naturally, I am at this time grieving the lost lives, livelihoods and lifestyles of so many, whilst feeling more aggrieved than ever about the escalating political atrocities and injustices running in the background.

Nevertheless, while I may be down, I'm not out and I feel my spirits rising as surely as they do every year around this time. The days are growing longer here in my adopted hemispheric home and nature is bursting in full bloom all around the corner of the city to which I'm confined and within which, in a truly Gemini turn of events, I'm forced at this time to keep all my trips short.

For those who don't know, Gemini, a mutable air sign governs, among other things, short trips, communications, mental activity, talking, writing, flirting, siblings and the arms, hands and lungs. The latter anatomical angle is of special interest to me because I'm a saxophone player; I interestingly often find myself in horn sections with many other Geminis and air sign people.

A positive side to my arrested adventures as a wandering musician is that I've been dedicating my days to learning more and more about astrology, and the more I learn the more I learn that there is ever more to learn - just like with music. I've learned that there is much that can be said about the quality of time surrounding this particular New Moon, attributable to the activity of all the planets in our solar system. While one's thought processes and commentary may become giddyingly accelerated -- Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet, whose energy is heightened on account of being "at home" in the sign it rules, all the qualities attributable to Venus - love, beauty, security, our aesthetics and sensibilities regarding what is attractive to us and how we go about attracting them or that which we desire, come heavily in to play. Venus is currently retrograde, which means that she is in the phase of her orbit around the Sun during which she is closest to the earth and therefore her energy is also amplified. The combination of these two planets would suggest an outpouring of loving communication is in order or to be expected. Also, because Venus is retrograde, love interests from the past are likely to reappear. Not to be overlooked is the relationship of this combined Venus/Mercury energy to the planet Neptune at this time. Neptune rules dreams, the ocean, blurred boundaries, and the combination here can result in fantasies becoming delusional, dreams overwhelming reality and confused or confusing messages of love.

In any case, the beginning of any lunar cycle, the New Moon, is a great time for new beginnings. Many people like to undertake a ritual at this time and harness the energy surrounding the new moon to set intentions for the coming month.

I spent part of the day listening to music with Gemini themes and made this Zodiac Soundtrack for all of us to enjoy during the coming month. No Matter What Sign You Are (do you know that song by Diana Ross & The Supremes?), tuning into the energy of these themes in the days leading up to the Summer Solstice can enhance your comfort and resonance as the planets move through what I cannot help calling the most fun sign of all.

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