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There's a Full Aquarius Moon dancing with the Leo Sun

Dancing, or maybe playing tug-of-war; today's solar lunar face off evokes a hot wind at the height of summer if you're up north, while the southern hemispheroids may well be huddling around a heater in strict quarantine right now, as history would sadly have it.

People everywhere have always engaged in a myriad of different kinds of full moon rituals. I've tried some nice ones and am yet to commit to any except my personal acknowledgement of the grand monthly occasion. Increasingly, and now in this space where I invite you to join me, I do so by throwing together stream of consciousness style in real time a soundtrack for the Full Moon of the Month.

So here's to our airy full moon in Aquarius reflecting the dazzling Leo Sun shining over the height of summertime here in New York City and the northern half the world, with that wildcard Uranus on the corner waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting. Astrology buffs will note that under the T-Square aspect connecting the Sun and Moon via Uranus in fixed Air, Fire and Earth signs respectively, earthlings will most likely be attached to their positions on everything under the sun. Meanwhile, our minds' collective eye is already glimpsing the sunlight at the end of the tunnel of emotional leaks, puddles, drips, torrents and deluges of the past few months as Mercury prepares to bid Cancer byebye and burst onto the good time Leo scene, but not without a final heartfelt announcement over the loudspeaker brought on by a Mercury/Saturn opposition tomorrow under the lingering light of this freedom loving, humanitarian Aquarius full moon, still hard at work on a revolution for a fairer world. As isolated as many of us are right now, this is a great time to reflect on how we as individuals fit into and connect with our communities. Without a pride, the lion is just a lonely wanderer in the wild. Hopefully we can feel connected to like minded friends at this time through the the technology of Internet when being together in person is not possible or advisable.

And if you can step outside and acknowledge the grand monthly occasion in person. Analog is still better than Spotify, which is where you'll find the Full Moon In Aquarius Zodiac Soundtrack.

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