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Watch Your Words - Mercury in Pisces, Mars in Gemini

Mercury, the Messenger, has slipped into Pisces, leaving behind the rational airwaves of Aquarius to dive and drift at sea in the ocean of feelings. Meantime, Mars, the planet of action, attack and impulsiveness is in Gemini, Mercury HQ. Just as the fish of the Pisces symbol swim in opposite directions, these concurrent Mercury and Gemini events can fill our mouths with the language of love in one moment and an unconscious cutting remark in the next.

Mercury in Pisces can help crystallize our dreams into ideas; it can also be a place where our train of thought dissolves into inexplicable feelings or a telepathic communique. This transit maybe possibly could be the source of unclear communication, the sending of mixed messages. Mars in Gemini can constructively rouse us to make contact where we've been putting it off, to be direct where we've been unclear or have procrastinated. But it can also take the form of verbal combativeness and unkind quips. This is a fine time to mind your language, even if simply to observe the ways these themes are playing out.

In both regards -- Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Gemini -- picking up a pen or a pocket computer can be a great prescription in the coming weeks, whether to write a sonnet or simply to finally get around to posting on your blog, for example.

If Scrabble is your game, you might want to sign up for a pro tournament. The excellent documentary Word Wars offers a glimpse into this very "Mars in Gemini" world.

Most of all, it always pays to be mindful of the power of our words, those we speak and those kept in our minds, the words left between the lines.

And because Mars is pre-empting Gemini season, in a rare move, I added 2 versions of a song I love to the Watch Your Words - Mercury in Pisces, Mars in Gemini Zodiac Soundtrack. Enjoy!

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